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Of course, Kate Beckinsale looked hot at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

02.27.2017by: No Cool Handle

Few things are certain. For instance, no one could have absolutely assured people the final accolade at the 2017 Academy Awards wouldn't be read wrong aloud, ending the evening's festivities with a scene of ineptitude and embarrassment. However, if asked whether or not Kate Beckinsale would show up to the Vanity Fair Oscar party looking fine as f**k, answering "she will" is always correct – the woman will knock your eye out every time. That old cliché could even be amended to say: Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Kate Beckinsale looks hot. Still, despite a guaranteed sexy showing, you couldn't have guessed Ms. Beckinsale would wear a dress that makes her panties visible to anyone who cares to look. It's a welcome surprise, to be sure; even if said panties are of the giant bloomers variety. In short, here's Kate Beckinsale, yet again, providing us with a bit of certainty in an uncertain world.

Source: NS4W


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