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Odette Yustman and her hot friends went on a Bahamas bikini vacay

03.29.2017by: Droz

We don't hear nearly enough about Odette Yustman. The last time I saw anything of her was on some show I never heard of. Yet another great hottie relegated to shows your mom watches. That's a shame, because she's only one of the most beautiful women to come around in the celebrity world in the last decade or so. Of course that's just my opinion, but it's one I think might become a lot more common should Odette continue to put out social media pics like these of her and some friends down in the Bahamas getting their beach bikini fun on. What's better than a hottie in a bikini? A hottie in a bikini with a bunch of friends who also look hot in bikinis. I had some experience with this recently on a weekend river jaunt. As a guy, standing amidst a group of my girl's friends all dressed in provocative beach wear, I began to feel something like a sultan in his harem. Clearly that's just my deluded mind at work, but it was nice feeling while it lasted.

Source: Superior Pics


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