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Odette Annable deserves an award for the prettiest smile ever

10.25.2016by: Droz

For some reason we haven't changed Odette Annable's name in our Hottie Gallery. Maybe it's because we need the "Yustman" to fill in the Y category. Whatever the reason, Odette was at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards last night, looking her usual radiant self. It's been a while since I saw her around last. The last time I saw her at all was in that rather brutal fight on the absurdly violent Cinemax show Banshee. Quite a little confrontation she had. That show is nuts, but in a good way. Actually that's not true. I saw her just last night in a small role in the still hilarious WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY. You'll remember her as the hottie who introduces Dewey to the wonderful world of reefers, even though the consensus among his friends was that he didn't want no part of that shit.

One of my most frequently quoted scenes ever right there. Actually, that whole movie is just a feast of quotable one liners. Yet for some reason I never realized that was Odette literally blowing smoke in Dewey's face. I guess I was just always laughing too hard. She looks just as good 10 years later. I would wager she hasn't changed in the slightest. You can always expect a good show from Odette.

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