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October is the month of all things Katharine McPhee

10.19.2015by: No Cool Handle

Some may consider that hyperbole but that doesn't mean there's not a smidgen of truth to it. Seems like every other day this month, a Katharine McPhee photo shoot or set of candids pops up – not that I'm complaining, even in the slightest bit. I think this is something that should be positively reinforced to ensure that every October, from now and henceforth, is dedicated to celebrating Katharine McPhee's boundless sex appeal – that's at least until she hits the wall; then we repeal and replace. But let's not dwell on a desolate future, rather we should be reveling in an abundant present: here is a freshly published set of photos created by another obscure (at least to me) publication called The Laterals. That sounds like a spin-off to The Expendables that would feature a group of special forces miscreants who specialize in flanking the enemies side to better shiv them in between the sixth and seventh lateral ribs. Or a documentary filming some dentist excavating the lateral incisors. Whatever the reason was for this chosen name, it was enough to attract this sexy talent and keep the current stream of Katharine McPhee media flowing.

Source: Got Celeb


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