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Obsessing over a beauty like Shay Mitchell is always the right thing to do

02.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

In this tumultuous political climate, it's not only sensible to take a minute and focus on something positive, it's essential. For instance: at least there's no one talking about building a $60B wall along the Canadian border, lest the next gorgeous Canuck never sets foot on American soil. Seemingly, no one has a problem with sexy immigrants like Shay Mitchell coming to America and stealing Hollywood gigs from our "salt of the earth" citizens. What about Susie Baker from Muskogee Oklahoma and her desire for marquee fame? Canada is the only one who stands to benefit from the Keystone pipeline and Shay Mitchell's fine ass is coming in and shitting on poor Susie's hopes and dreams. Da F**k? It's aboot time we put Canada on notice. On the other hand ... f**k Susie, gimme Shay's unsupported tatas any old day the week. If we need to impose a ban on something it's on nipple tape; the only thing in this set of images standing in our way of a Shay Mitchell nip slip. The long wait continues.

Source: NS4W


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