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Nude Chow Down

06.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor
There was a point back in my young life where I would have been over-the-moon to see pictures of Keanu Reeves with no shirt on. Long before BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, I actually fell in love with him from RIVER'S EDGE (this should give you some kind of indication what my dating life was like when I was a teenager - think grungy, unemployed, stoned and spacey) and had the stupid little girl dream that I would one day lose my virginity to his befuddled Canadian self, wrapped within two sleeping bags that were zipped together. (Damn you, Ione Skye!)

Now, watching him cavort around with British actress China Chow, his pasty, droopy chest blinding my sight, I have to turn to the topless nature of his new girlfriend rather than hark back to the memories of what could have been. Some of you might remember China from that cool (and tragically underrated) flick, THE BIG HIT, as the obnoxious chick that Mark Wahlberg ends up falling for (the two dated briefly after the filming). She hasn't done much since, but her body is undeniably yummy. Let's hope she gets my KeRe back in shape... and fast.

Extra Tidbit: As always, simply click on joblo's face and it will take you to the non-edited, NSFW version of the pictures.
Source: Egotastic


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