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Now we know which side Maitland Ward is on in this Batman vs. Superman thing

03.25.2016by: Droz

Oh Maitland Ward. There's never any grey area with you, is there? I still can't decide if the nerdy references she routinely makes in her gratuitous internet stripteases are genuine reflections of her interests, or just pandering to a target audience. I suppose it doesn't really matter. She's managed to fashion for herself a little niche of devoted followers on the web, which is a feat in and of itself. Even if she is full of shit, she's still won me over. Someone so devoted almost showing her tits deserves whatever attention you can spare. She's even done one better recently and crossed the almost line, going for the partial boob reveal. Unfortuantely we can't post those boobs here, but here's the moment right before they came out:

Maitland Ward Boobs

Source: Superior Pics


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