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Now Vanessa Hudgens is doing the throwback bell bottoms thing

05.02.2013by: Droz

Oh shit, the throwbacks are getting worse. Just yesterday we saw Ali Larter walking around in a 70s-inspired outfit with bell bottoms. Now Vanessa Hudgens has gone and bested her with a full on hippie ensemble from the 60s, again with the unsightly bell bottom look. Seems like no one can kill these f*ckers for good. They just keep coming back, like some fashion equivalent of a T-800, only sent from the past instead of the future to doom us all to death from face plants thanks to their tendency to get snagged under foot when walking. Look folks, I'm just old enough to remember a time when this was not a quirky fashion choice but the standard. Everyone wore these things. There's even a set of photos of myself as a very young tike, decked out in an absurd pair of these infernal pants (there's one photo spread I'll never be posting). Frankly, I've never understood the appeal. Apart from the risks to health and well being, they also do something weird to women's asses. It's like that bagginess down at the ankles interferes with their ability to properly tuck up against their cheeks. It's a problem magnified when the ladies don't have much of an ass. There's just no call for them anymore. I say cut those f*ckers off at the crotch line and make something infinitely more interesting out of them.


Extra Tidbit: Don't think I didn't miss the irony of a vegan restaurant serving their take-out in plastic bags with Styrofoam containers. You love the animals so much you can't make food out of any part of them, but you're not above poisoning their environment with non-biodegradable containers that leach chemicals into their drinking water. Very nice.
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