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Now there's one less reason to feel weird about Ariel Winter

06.14.2016by: Droz

Now that the various high school classes of 2016 are doing their various commencement ceremonies across the nation, it becomes a bit easier for those of us obsessed with Ariel Winter to justify our obsessions. No longer do you need to debate whether you're ready for the sex offender registry when you spank it to the sight of Ariel's insane proportions. Of course, her last moment as a high school kid wasn't going to stop Ariel from showing off sexy in what has become her usual way. Thus the super tight dress with the tits popping out. I feel sorry for her classmates. I remember being their age and plagued with unwanted boner issues whenever the hottie from history class plopped her full ass down in front of me, her intoxicating red hair flowing down long enough to touch the edge of my desk. I'm positive there are more than a few kids dealing with similar feelings for Ariel. I stand in solidarity with these young suffering squires. They're never gonna get over her.

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