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Nothing shameful about Emmy Rossum's look

01.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's always nice to stop and appreciate a nice, classy interlude; a break from gravitating towards photos that offer instant stimulation because of the subject's willingness to engage in exploitation. It's easy to forget that the truly classic beauties can stoke the fires with their elegance and taste, maybe none better than the illustrious Emmy Rossum. Even though she's tastefully put together, it doesn't trump her sex appeal; the two harmoniously coexist. She oozes it with every pearly white grin and feminine stride, taken with her porcelain skinned pins. Label her however you see fit: the girl next door or one you can take home to mom; this lovely lass is all that and more. Ironically, playing a character on Shameless whose on the opposite side of the same coin. If you reconcile the two different personas you get a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets – who wouldn't want that? Especially when it's someone as achingly beautiful as she.

Source: Got Celeb


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