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Kelly Brook's lovely long legs and thighs can get her inside

03.09.2015by: Droz

Did ya'll notice that break from Kelly Brook we took last week? Yeah, not a single Kelly gallery posted anywhere for the whole week. That wasn't because of any lack in Kelly content to post in that time. Quite the contrary. She was everywhere. Pap folks have just been going kind of nutty with the amount of Kelly content being put out there lately. Not that they haven't always been keen on snapping pics of Kelly. It's just been way too much as of late. We'd piss off even the diehard fans of Ms. Brook were we to try to keep up with that. Fortunately these great shots of Kelly's long legs failing to get her past a closed gate came along. Look at those creamy white thighs. There's nothing I wouldn't give to be between them.

I suspect all this recent Kelly hype comes from the fact that her new show premieres next week. I have my doubts about that one. There hasn't been a truly funny sitcom in this country in a long time. The "shot live before studio audience" variety of sitcom, like Kelly's One Big Happy, are especially lacking in truly funny content anymore. I can't stand any of them. Will Kelly's be the exception? I couldn't tell ya. It's got some pedigreed funny people behind it, but then again so do most of these shows. Otherwise funny comedians can easily find their funny severely diluted when placed in a modern sitcom situation. Then again, those other shows don't have Kelly's tits and hopefully frequent moments of blurred out nudity. The power of Kelly's fine ass should be able to sustain anything, even a crappy comedy. If not, then it will have deserved its demise.

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