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Not even in Tomorrowland would I have a chance with hottie Kimberley Garner

05.18.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

While TOMORROWLAND doesn't exactly look like something that I'll be stampeding towards the theater on opening day to check out, it does at least seem interesting and with Brad Bird and George Clooney attached, it might be something worthwhile to see. Now it looks like there might actually be one more thing to get me to see this thing. Apparently, hottie-extraordinaire Kimberley Garner went to check out the premiere in London. Obviously, I need to see this movie immediately and hunt her down go on a nice date with her and discuss the movie. That'll give us something to talk about. As expected, she was caught wearing an extremely sexy little white dress that showed off her body to a pretty incredible degree. To my understanding, this is a movie for kids so she probably sent more than a few boys through puberty, so her presence should be celebrated, methinks.  

Source: Celebmafia


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