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Not even goofy pants can touch Maria Bello's everlasting hotness

07.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor

In my mind, Maria Bello can do no wrong. She's fierce as an actress, excelling in every genre while looking like a "regular" gal and rendering herself instantly relatable. I've seen her do everything from action to comedy to drama and I can't say I have found fault in any of her performances. Sometimes she's the only reason why I watched certain movies (*cough*GROWNUPS*cough*). But these weird MC Hammer jean-pants she wore at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, LIGHTS OUT, have me cocking my head just a wee bit. Sure, they're absolutely goofy but at the same time, damn, does she still look killer in them. And while I guess she's old enough to play Teresa Palmer's mother (she's 19 years older than the lovely Aussie), I still think she could have plausibly played her older sister as well.

As for her PG-13 movie, Bello has some huge expectations regarding how audiences will perceive its villain. In an interview with Variety, Maria explained that "I think people at Comic-Con will be dressed up as Diana next year. Just the way she moved her hands and shoulders I think created an entire beast. I think her creature will transcend time and will be like a Freddy Krueger or a Jason." That's some mighty big talk. But so far she hasn't steered me wrong, so I might not wait to check this one out.

Source: USA Today


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