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04.09.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Poor Kristen Davis. She's been plagued recently with consistent sex tape and other deviant behavior rumours. Finally, there's good news for the "Sex & the City" good girl: She was never pressured to diet whilst working on the show or the movie! Well, I for one am glad. I'm appalled when I hear about directors insisting that a size 0 is needed when a size 2 can clearly get the job done!

All joking aside, Davis actually has an interesting history that includes a binge eating disorder that she says she picked up from a certain television show she was on in her earlier years. Not that she's naming any one show specifically, but apparently she'd gorge herself at the craft service tables in between drinks (she also has made revelations of an alcohol addiction in her early 20's as well) while the other actors were busy practicing their catfight moves.

With predictions flying as to the quality of movie that SEX will turn out to be, I can only comment on the quality of Kristen's hotness. At the grand young age of 43 (yes, you read that right), she beats out many of the younger starlets currently eating mass quantities in silence.

Source: snarkerati


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