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Nobody wore Oscar gold better than Emma Stone

02.27.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Every year there's a fashion trend at the Oscars, although I suppose I could attribute it to simply being a trend going on in the fashion world that they've foisted upon the famous people millions of plebeians will be watching and yearn to emulate. After all, prom season is only a few months around the corner and those seamstresses need to get a head start. When it came to rocking the gold look this year, no one did it better than Emma Stone, who manages to always be a glowing example of fashion goddessness. Well, aside from that time when she wore that baby shit yellow-green dress, even if she did have the wardrobe malfunction that made her look as if she had a cooter made of Barbie plastic. Her acceptance speech was kind and simple, only endearing us to her more for her relatablity. Here's to hoping that symbol keeps her cranking out the good stuff.
Source: Daily Mail


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