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No Wonder SJP

08.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

For those of you who give a crap (or are even surprised), the rumour is that Matthew Broderick has been cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker. (And with a female!) I didn't really give a shit about it when it was plastered over the tabs last week, so I didn't bother to give you the "DUH!" news.

But I do find it interesting that SJP has told a UK magazine that she prefers shoes over men. "I could run a marathon in heels and wake up the next day and run another one," the actress said. Hey honey, I know we all get our endorphins from different places, but I'd far prefer they came from an orgasm than some $800 pair of ugly ass shoes.

With the success of SJP's SEX & THE CITY movie this summer making a sequel inevitable (as well as all the unnecessary accompanying hype), I can only hope that the one bitch of that bunch who prefers dick to stilettos will hold out for more cash again. Go Kim!

Source: NOW Magazine


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