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No wonder Adriana Lima made millions modeling bikinis

05.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Here's a stark reminder that lingerie model extraordinaire, Adriana Lima, will go down in history as one of the greats. At 35 – that might as well be 50 in modeling years – this Brazilian bombshell is as sexy as the day she first donned undergarments for Victoria's Secret. Since that time, she's gone on to make millions modeling skimpy swimsuits, even skimpier lingerie, is now the world's second highest paid model and is the longest-serving angel in Victoria's Secret history – 17 years spent on the runway and in front of the lens; a professional in every sense of the word. The industry's most powerful provocateur was seen down in Miami hanging out with the cast of BAYWATCH, showing those wannabes what it really means to spend your life working in a swimsuit. The lovely Priyanka Chopra had a hard time keeping her hands off of the knickers saleswoman, not passing on the opportunity to take the whole of Adriana's half naked ass into her warm embrace. After all, what better way to honor the goddess of lingerie than to hug her pelvis? It's the first thing I would do were there no risk of of being tazed.

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