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No way Jose! Canseco's little girl Josie is all grown up & in Playboy

05.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Some might argue that her mother's Playboy pictorial (that link is very NSFW, fyi) was hotter and they might be right, if your idea of hotter is far more skin showing. But as far as this newer, tame, no-nudity Playboy goes, this is probably one of the hotter spreads that the neutered magazine has done. Josie Canseco, daughter of Jessica and Jose Canseco, is nearly 20-years old, making her ripe for the picking and ruining, although she's been modeling since she was 16. Being of legal age just means that she can wear hand bras instead of bikinis and capitalize on her relation to a semi-famous, albeit disgraced celebrity. I only wish that she might have been given a different name, even if this isn't the worst that an athlete has done in naming offspring (see George Foreman). Well, I also wish someone could have talked her out of that "33" tattoo on her finger. At least carve our your own legacy, darling.
Source: Playboy


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