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No secret here! Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous at LA Confidential party

06.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She was their cover model back in April, so it makes sense that LA Confidential magazine would consider Kate Beckinsale one of their Women of Influence for the magazine's special event last night. Kate looked like the glowing goddess she always does, stopping to sign an oversized version of her April cover and gracing us with one of her rare beaming smiles. The divorce from her UNDERWORLD hubby, Len Wiseman, must be going off without a hitch, considering how happy she's been looking and how often we've seen her out at events like these. During their marriage, it was only in a blue moon when Kate would step out on the red carpet and most often it was only at his side. I, for one, am happy to see her making this change, as well as what the change in director will do to the UNDERWORLD franchise when fourth movie, BLOOD WARS, directed by Anna Foerster, is released this upcoming October.
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