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No Posh for Katie

04.13.2008by: Cherry Liquor

The tyranny of Tom Cruise carries on. He's been recently reported as banning his slave, er... wife, Katie Holmes, from hanging out with her previous BFF Victoria Beckham. Tom, funnily enough, considers Posh to be a "bad influence" on his little caged ball-and-chain.

After cutting her hair in a similar style to Victoria's and then dropping a scary amount of weight (supposedly to copycat Posh's strict 900-calorie-a-day diet), I can understand why Tommy might be concerned. But throw in the fact that the two women haven't been seen together in months and then factor in that the weight loss has been more recent, I'd say that Tom's stomping around the house about his continually postponed flick, VALKYRIE, has had more of an effect on her than the British burned-out pop star.

I don't like the weight loss either, Tom. I really appreciated your wife's cans better when they were young and full in THE GIFT. And I'm disgusted that you and your Scientologist ways prevented her from having an oversized Mommy rack because you weirdos think some combination of special formula and barley water is better than breast milk. And I take Xanax too... Neener neener neener! Come and get me, Maverick!

Source: BackseatCuddler


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