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No Photoshop here! Britney Spears puts her best body back to work in Vegas

04.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
What a difference 3 years makes. The first time we started seeing pictures out of Britney Spears Las Vegas shows, there was a fear she was edging into her "Fat Elvis" years, pushing her once lithe dancer's body to the limit. Flash forward to this past weekend and take a look at the hard work that Brit has put in:

One could say that she's more fit because she's been doing the show for so long now, others could argue that in 2013 she was still getting adjusted to whatever meds her family was making her sure took. Another concept is that Britney was in a relationship at the time and happiness and complacency wreck havoc on your body when someone is telling you they love you just the way you are. Now single, Spears might be tuned into keeping herself ready for the next opportunity for love. Who cares? She's looking fantastic and clearly is a world happier than she was during the height of her breakdowns.

Source: Fab Mansion


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