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No one pulls off the plunging neckline quite like Emily Ratajkowski

09.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Since Emily Ratajkowski made sure her breasts were the objects of which to focus on, I'll be spending the next few moments talking about them. My word, this woman knows how to dress for maximum impact. I doubt there was a person in attendance to the Harper's Bazaar Icons party who wasn't beyond impressed with the show Emily put on, even while many women were, no doubt, envious. Natural tits of that size hardly ever take such shape. Only boobs of that sort can be left unsupported and still maintain the preferred rounded out/propped up look some women go under the knife for. Not even some purist loud mouth would have the balls to slut shame over such a racy selection of dress. They – like the rest of us – will be too busy admiring what a perfect sexual specimen Emily Ratajkowski is. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone out there in a position to critique her hyper-sexual fashion sense – even if you could, it's best to sit back and let Emily show you how it's really done. This is a moment for learning.

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