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No one is dedicated to their followers like Sara Jean Underwood

06.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

If only every individual was as dedicated to the trade as Sara Jean Underwood, we would see something of a second Renaissance era. Most of what is said in these posts is almost entirely opinion based, but when I say Ms. Underwood's commitment to bringing her loyal followers never ending angles of her perfectly formed ass is peerless... well... that can be taken as a fact. She serves up images of that ever-expanding backside faster than McDonald's serves up value meals. Take a look at the second photo of her half naked, wilderness excursion and you'll see her booty has doubled in size, thusly, doubling its appeal; it's never looked finer. They need to find a way to isolate and duplicate that elusive genetic characteristic. You know the one – where any weight being gained is ported directly to the ass region. If you notice, she hasn't gained a pound anywhere else; the rest of her body is as tight as ever.

Source: InstaGram


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