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No one ever accused Emily Ratajkowski of being subtle

08.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

I have no idea if that dress is appropriate for an occasion like the Special Event For UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Whether it was or not they should have known, the moment they added Emily Ratajkowski's name to the guest list, the odds of her wearing anything conservative were slim to none. That red number you see in the photos is the kind of dress we've come to expect to see Emily in. She loves anything that covers just enough of her voluptuous bod so not to be harassed over the legality of it. On this particular evening, though, she really came to play; the bottom of her dress tucked under that tight litte arse and side boob galore. I'm sure UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was honored and overwhelmed at the mere presence of an A-list hottie like Emily. There wasn't much left to the imagination after her blue carpet arrival, but then again, subtlety has never been Ms. Ratajkowski's strong suit.

Source: ns4w


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