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No need to try to look under Demi Lovato's Grammy dress

02.13.2017by: Droz

Anyone curious about what Demi Lovato might look like under her 59th Grammys dress, need not have bothered wondering. She was not leaving much to the imagination with her loosely woven number. Speculation has run rampant on whether there was anything in between us and Demi's holy of holies. There is a rather provocative dark patch there, indicative of an uncovered nether region. I have to think Demi isn't quite that devoted to her "look at me" art. Although she did kind of show off her butt hole a little bit in that infamous nude spread from a couple years back. Provided you had the Photoshop software to coax said butt hole out from the shadows, which I do. So you never know. Could be this really is as close to Demi's privates as we'll ever get. So take it all in.

Source: NSFW


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