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No need to GUESS at what's going on under Elsa Hosk's top, see for yourself

04.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

You never really know what's going to make a stock go up or down, but when a huge clothing company like GUESS pulls an ingenious – albeit, obvious – move like using Swedish supermodel, Elsa Hosk, and her very visible nipples in their 2016 ad campaign, you can probably expect it to go up at least a point (please don't take this as an actual tip). This girl is carving out quite the reputation as one of today's most willing models; hardly passing on any opportunity to tempt onlookers with her fully exposed form. It's not hard to see why – there's nary a hair on her head that's out of place, let alone any glaring bodily flaws to speak of. Sure you could argue she's not the curviest of the lot, but that boils down to preference, and anyone who says they would kick her out of bed based on those grounds is full of it; up to their eyeballs. 

Source: GUESS


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