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No matter where Ariel Winter is going, she's going ass out

08.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Same as how Rihanna doesn't go anywhere without her nipples visible to anyone with a functioning eye, Ariel Winter hardly goes anywhere without her ass cheeks hanging out from under her shorts. Here she is on two separate occasions – only mere hours apart – with her bottom's bottom making yet another public appearance; proof no matter what the occasion, the ass is always in fashion. She wore her highest-cut shorts yet for an evening at The Nice Guy in Hollywood; jean shorts that could almost pass for a thong. Whomever gets to sit in the chair after her – the one marked with her bare ass impression, still warm and well defined – is a lucky SOB. Taking the cushion for a little keepsake may be worth braving a petty theft rap. Anyway, it's only around noon here on the East Coast. I'm sure that will be many more images of Ms. Winter's ass by suppertime.

Source: ns4wns4w


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