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No matter how you feel now, Michelle Williams can put you in a smiling mood

03.20.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I just watched BLUE VALENTINE the other day, so finally after I came to after slitting my wrists in a depressed stupor in the bathroom (I went horizontal, thank goodness), I thought about how underrated Michelle Williams is. She's absolutely beautiful and amazingly talented and she gets naked in her movies. It's like all the best possible aspects for a lady to have and I don't see her on screen or online or in magazine photoshoots nearly as much as I should, you know? Luckily for me, Elle UK Magazine has nabbed up this little hottie and we have a series of heart stompingly adorable pictures on our hands. I know, I know. It'd be a whole lot nicer to see the girl spread out on a couch or something buck naked, but seeing her here all smiles and wide eyed and happy, it makes me want to heat up a couple of cups of hot chocolate and cuddle up close to her. What can I say? That's what she does to me. Whatever she does for you, you can keep to yourself, but prepare for it because the adorable will commence in 3…2…1…

Source: Celebmafia


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