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No, Bridget, No!

04.17.2008by: Cherry Liquor

After nearly destroying her delicious frame by carrying the spawn of that pretty-boy football player who dumped her for that overrated lingerie model, Bridget Moynahan apparently had a change of heart and allowed Tom Brady to finally visit with their son, John

Only one problem, in my single mother opinion. Rather than spending the day with the infant by himself and finally getting in the bonding time that the father and child were deprived of due to hurt feelings (Brady left Bridget for Giselle when she was pregnant, then claimed he didn't know she was pregnant, then tried to claim that it might not even be his child - what a class f*cking act), what does Brady decide to do with his father/son Sunday?

Include the new girlfriend in the visit. Pictures of both Tom and Giselle with baby John (rightfully blessed with the last name Moynahan instead of Brady) were snapped up by photogs who claim that the exchange seemed to go down without any drama. Screw that nonsense. Fork over a ton of child support payments like all the other rich, stupid athletes who stick their unsheathed twig into anything that squirms near them. You wanna be a father, then act like one. You want just another photo opportunity, be a total dick and invite the walking mannequin along to eradicate any chance of people thinking you might not be the piece of scum that you've since rightfully been painted. OK. Rant over.


Extra Tidbit: Moynahan is co-starring in the upcoming (although already long completed) independent flick, NOISE, along with Tim Robbins. (Oh, and notice how it's Tom's son and yet he's not the one holding him? WRONG.)
Source: PopSugar


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