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Nina Dobrev's tight bikini booty spotted in Brazil

12.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Who doesn't love waking up to a rare occurrence? Even though she's been a well-known hottie for the better part of a decade, Nina Dobrev has been able to keep sightings of her thong-wearing ass to a minimum. That's why these photos of her recreational time spent in Brazil are such a treat, made all the more interesting by images of Nina chugging Smirnoff right out of the bottle. Maybe she's been wanting to be generous and give her fans visions of that pert tush, but, after being continually held back by her demure personality, she turned to getting looped off of straight vodka to aid her in doing so. Could be true. I only have these few pictures to go on. Wouldn't it be funny if the majority of her fans made the connection between getting drunk and a rare sighting of her ass? Her holiday fan mail will consist of thousands and thousands of gift bags, each containing a full bottle of Smirnoff.                 

                                                               F**k a glass!

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