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Nina Dobrev's hotness corresponds with the White House

05.02.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure why they invite celebrities to the White House Correspondent's Dinner. I always thought it was a way to foster amity between the Prez and the press. No doubt there's a desire on the part of the folks behind this dinner to glitz the thing up. Stuffy political types and muckraking press people don't often convey much glitz. But Nina Dobrev does and then some. Girl sparkles even when she's not decked out in evening wear. I love Nina and all the great things she does as a hottie. I am a little confused as to why her new movie is happening. Was there a outcry from the masses for a remake of FLATLINERS? Joel Schumacher's goofy afterlife exploration movie was a shitty concept, shittily executed back in the day, but apparently remake happy Hollywood thinks they can do better. Because they've demonstrated their skills with this so many times before, right? Yeah, it's a dumb idea. But maybe they can salvage it a little bit by getting Nina in a bikini again. I'd see that.

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