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Nina Dobrev takes the girls out to a screening of The Final Girls!

Nina Dobrev stepped out on some sort of a kitschy carpet to attend a screening of THE FINAL GIRLS during the Los Angeles Film Festival the other night. The movie co-stars the sexy Malin Akerman and has been getting decent enough reviews so far. Nina also had a small role in THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, which was, in my opinion, the best movie of 2012. I saw it and it hit me like a ton of a bricks in the gut and I doubled over in tears, gasping for air. Then it kicked me and kicked me and kicked me… When I came to, I knew I was better for that emotional ass whooping. I am a better man because of it.

Anyway, I hope that some big offers come a-rollin’ Nina’s way now that she’s out of her TV day job on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I really do think she’s got an enchanting presence, and it’s not just her cleavage controlling my mind. I wish LET’S BE COPS had really been developed better and sculpted and perfected and then shot as a more indie comedy in the vein of like “Safety Not Guaranteed” or something so we’d have another excuse to see her up on the big screen. There’s a premise there, in Nick Miller and Coach Play Cops The Movie, and I think with the proper script it could’ve been something. And then we’d be guaranteed to see Nina back up in her digitally projected glory and we could all then thank Let’s Be Cops for returning her to our multiplexes. But in this damned universe we’re stuck with it being a big unfunny thud that somehow grossed over $80 million domestically.

What do you say, do you want some more Nina in the movies?! Or do you think she should go back to her vampire ways and only come out at night when she’s got a sexy dress on and some boobs to rock? Excited for THE FINAL GIRLS?

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