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Nina Dobrev shows off her impressive flexibility in Self magazine

05.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She's leaving "The Vampire Diaries" after tonight's episode, so it's apropos that Nina Dobrev would start to get flexible on us. Traditionally when actresses are stuck in popular TV show arcs for a long time, we end up getting to see them branch out afterward and I can't be the only one who is ready for her lovely Canadian self to perhaps show some skin or take on a grungy role for a movie. I'll settle for the gymnastic moves that Dobrev showed off for Self magazine's June 2015 issue (shit, are we already up to June??? Where the hell has 2015 gone?), where she talked about what she does to stay fit, including impromptu volleyball bumping on set and the standard hot actress yoga shtick. Nina talked about learning hard work from her parents, having been born in Bulgaria and flown into Niagra Falls as a toddler to grow up in Canada, where she grew up learning gymnastics and decided to take a risk on acting as a teenager. She promises that she's planning on being braver in her career in the future, which so far includes THE FINAL GIRLS, a comedy horror film co-starring "American Horror Story" actress, Taissa Farmiga and the always sexy Malin Akerman. 
Source: Hollywood Life


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