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Nina Dobrev showing a little more skin than usual

10.06.2015by: No Cool Handle

It's a shame how difficult it is for young actresses to make the transition from the CW's slate of teen-based prime time to bigger and better things. I for one could stand to see the very lovely young woman, Nina Dobrev, on the gig screen; hopefully in something like nymphomaniac part three. Not because I find her doppelgänger performance riveting, or it being portrayed by a truly gifted young actress; she's just really easy on the eyes. She showed up to something called the go90 Social Entertainment Platform Sneek Peek showing a bit more of her northern anatomy than usual. Most of the time if you want to see revealing photos of this girl, you have to hope some perverted paparazzi snaps bikini candids of her during leisure times. She isn't the type to willingly dispense her sexiness to the masses (all these years and not one sheer top, nip slip or upskirt; that's circumspection), however – if she does have loftier ambitions – she may have to start doing so. If history has taught us anything: having the CW as your previous employer won't cut it.

Source: Got Celeb


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