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Nina Dobrev racy under the red light

10.09.2015by: No Cool Handle

I don't mind eating crow. Just a couple of days ago I was poking fun at Nina Drobrev's prudish proclivities (the only way I'll ever be able to poke anything on her). I basically insinuated she was a tease for never partaking in any photo shoots with even the slightest bit of edge to them. As of today... I'm glad to admit I was wrong. She graced the pages of interview magazine – and subsequently the world wide web – with a photo shoot catered more to the adult demographic rather than the usual tween. To be clear; this isn't the flesh baring revelation we've all been waiting for – just a good, sexy step in the right direction. A thank you was earned by photographer Brian Higbee; helming an objectifying Nina photo shoot – no easy task. These are photos that do her sex appeal justice; showing us open blouse, bare midriff, cleavage and bra tops. Pretty soon she can really prove I'm just talking out of my ass by showing the world hers.

Source: hawtcelebs


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