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Nina Dobrev is full of red hot frills during New York fashion week

09.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

I am no fan of CW's The Vampire Diaries, but it always fascinates me when stars bail on cushy roles in hopes of a more illustrious career. If starring in the FLATLINERS remake doesn't propel Nina Dobrev into that very small pool of silver screen headliners, will see look back on her exit of the long-running franchise in bitter regret? There are many who may admire such a ballsy move, giving up that kind of job security (decent money, too). I for one would of just rode it out; the series almost closed out it's seven-year run until tween outcry demanded one last tour of sexy vampire delights. The prospect of a long career in Hollywood seems bleak. Not that she isn't fine enough to stare at for two hours at a time – she totally is, and I'm rooting for her – but I have to play the odds. When was the last time anyone went from a show on the CW to mega-movie stardom? I suppose she can always use fashion as a career crutch. That old-Hollywood style of dress, filled with red frills and a deceptive, flesh colored body slip, certainly sheds a light on another one of her talents: A taste for fine eveningwear.

Source: NS4W


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