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Nina Dobrev has got legs and she knows how to use them

01.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

Nina Dobrev is definitely making an exacting effort to defy the odds, transitioning from a show on the CW into major motion pictures. Not only did she land a role in the latest installment to the Vin Diesel action franchise xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (Xander Cage... LOL), this girl has three more wide releases cued up. Getting sidetracked: The great Tony Jaa also has a role in the upcoming action extravaganza. I could hardly stomach the idea of Paul Walker beating Tony's ass in FURIOUS SEVEN; I refuse to buy a ticket to the new xXx because the possibility of a scene where Vin Diesel also beats Tony's ass exists. Out of all the ridiculous bullshit that goes on in these franchises, the notion of a couple Hollywood creampuffs laying hands on Jaa makes me wanna horse laugh. The only way that happens is if Tony is distracted by Nina's hypnotic legs. I know I wouldn't mind taking a roundhouse kick to the face from one of her stems.

Source: NS4W


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