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Nina Dobrev had a difficult adjustment to make

07.27.2016by: Droz

While we're on the subject of this FLATLINERS remake, check out Nina Dobrev apparently having a little problem in her skirt in between scenes. While it looks like she might have something requiring a trip to the doctor, the real explanation is more likely an uncomfortably-placed mike pack. They often place those in, shall we say, familiar locations on actor's bodies to keep them concealed from cameras. Still, the moment is amusing, if not provocative to those with healthy imaginations. You're not likely to see Nina handling her business in this fashion again. With that look on her face, she reminds of my friend Justin, who is similarly nonchalant about adjusting his situation in public while in full view of everyone. Yeah, most guys have at least one friend/acquaintance like that who just doesn't give a f*ck. His is the place where you never want to touch anything. Nor will you, under any circumstances, ever use his bathroom. On the other hand, I'm sure Nina's commode is perfectly fresh and sweet-smelling. Same goes for her.

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