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Nina Dobrev deserves an award for being the prettiest in general

10.25.2016by: Droz

The radiant Nina Dobrev was also in attendance at this Elle awards event last night, looking lovely as usual. Unfortunately I was just given a heads up on some scuttlebutt about how Nina may be the new heroine of, *gulp*, a new TWILIGHT movie. My god, please say it isn't so. I've barely cleared the foul shittiness of the last movie from my palette. Now they want to make more? This comes as no surprise really. There's no obscene cash grab I wouldn't put past Hollywood at this point. It's just that being in a relationship with someone infected with that unholy franchise's foul taint makes it an inevitability that I'm going to find myself seated in a theater, watching more glowy vampires act like love sick assholes. This sucks. I love you Nina, but please stay away from this. You've had your time with sappy vampire crap.

Speaking of that, let's revisit what's still my favorite Nina scene and see if we can forget about all that unsettling rumor mongering for a moment.

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