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Nina Dobrev and her fine ass continue to relish in all of life's best rewards

07.29.2015by: Droz

Nina Dobrev continues to tough it out on a yacht in St. Tropez. Poor thing. How much water sliding off huge yachts, jet skiing, sunbathing in bikinis with her friends and probably getting banged by bearded douches can one girl take? Yeah, yeah, hate on Droz. I'd be right there with her if I could, making sure I was climbing up that gangway ladder after her to facilitate the best ass view possible. Girl does sport a sweet little booty there. It's just one of many reasons to admire her and what she brings to the party. Curious what will become of Nina now that she's no longer writing in her Vampire Diaries. Perhaps she'll show up in something more substantial that affords us a more uninterrupted view of all she has to offer. I sure hope so. Until that glorious day comes, enjoy getting about as close as you'll ever get to seeing Nina in the shower.

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