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Nina Agdal shares her gift for selling swimwear with ShopBop

01.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

Nina Agdal took some time from performing her duties as Leonardo DiCaprio's full service station and rediscovered her roots with a bikini modeling gig for ShopBop Swimwear. Thank the f**kin' lord for that because she looks phenomenal. No signs of wear and tear from an exhausting endeavor like high profile celebrity dating. Has her brief hiatus in between shoots created a slight bit of longing? A feeling that laid dormant until the moment these images reminded me of just how awesome her figure is – a textbook bikini body if I ever did see one. It sure feels that way. I'll gladly admit, I have little to no interest in celebrity dating; for all I know Leo has long since moved on. But if by some miracle this relationship has lasted than longer than two weeks, it's not hard to see how Nina can keep a stag like DiCaprio coming back for more. Everybody comes back for more Nina Agdal.

Source: Got Celeb


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