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Nina Agdal's candy striped covered ass cheeks

01.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's a little more than tricky to continually write about a hottie like Nina Agdal, but write I must. She's too hot to let a minor challenge dissuade me from bringing her latest bit of sexiness to you. Why difficult? She's kind of one trick pony - that's not a shot; she has a knack for looking hot in skimpy attire and is - smartly so - milking it for all it's worth. She's still modeling bikinis, like the kind in this photo set; she still looks unbelievably sexy and that still feeds my need to post. I'd be great if she could land a role in Zombeavers 4 or some shit. Maybe make her name a brand by peddling perfume; anything that will aide future discussions. Until that day, we'll close out with some old standards: Amazing ass; lovely, long legs; a tightly toned body, and a perked up ass covered in candy stripes. You know... the usual.

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