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Nina Agdal takes a break from bikinis to show off her body in spandex

05.11.2017by: No Cool Handle

Was Nina Agdal's remarkably fit figure gifted to her by a perfectly structured collection of genes, or is her mouthwatering physique the result of an unwavering commitment to sculpting one of the sexiest bikini bodies the world has ever known? Up until now, the resilience of youth probably made it easier to keep everything in photo ready condition but, at the age of 25, Nina will soon find it necessary to spend a significant portion of her life in the gym. Speculations regarding her workout regimen aside, Ms. Agdal is the perfect hottie to hire if your goal is to sell a shitload of spandex and sports bras. Whether or not she's truly a paragon of physical fitness hardly matters, she certainly looks the part. Below you'll find the diligent Dane working up a sweat in a variety of form-hugging fitness apparel. If that doesn't inspire you to give the old triceps a workout nothing will.

Source: NS4W


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