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Nina Agdal is una chica bonita in Cosmo Mexico

01.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Get prepared to be seeing even more of Nina Agdal. No, not just on this site but on the big screen, as the model expands her first movie role ("Supermodel in Commerical" from DON JON) to a bigger part in this year's upcoming ENTOURAGE movie (you might have recognized her as the hot model in the blue bikini from the trailer... but seriously, how great does that movie look? I feel like hugging it out, I'm so amped to see the boys again). Adgal is also featured in the February issue of Cosmopolitan Mexico, but from what I've gathered, the magazine is using this photoshoot here in a number of their foreign versions of the fashion rag (sadly, the American version of the February 2015 issue has Kylie Jenner on the cover, all 17-years and unnecessary plastic surgery alterations of her). I like seeing Nina fresh-faced and clean, even if it is just to sell a new season of clothing trends.


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