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Nina Agdal is the kind of hottie who really doesn't need panties

08.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Apparently the Sports Illustrated Summer of Swim Concert was a panties optional kind of event – f**kin' DiCaprio has a better life than any one man deserves. I imagine Nina Agdal here sending him a text of the evening's chosen attire and Leo hopping on his private jet for some of that easy access. If this was a lifestyle story concerning us mere mortals, we'd be catching the redeye to spend 20 minutes playing just the tip with not a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but Debbie the checkout girl. For all this promotional material used to shed light on the Coney Island event, I've yet to see anything involving swimming (unless you count the correlated swimsuit). I wonder what kind of barely there shit these models would be wearing if the event was actually called 'No Underwear Allowed?' I mean, look how far they take it when they're celebrating a 'Summer of Swim.'

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