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Nina Agdal is the face of hats in New Era's latest ad campaign

04.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Some television producer should pitch a contemporary version of MAD MEN. I think approaching it from the -- some things never change -- angle would be a good foundation to build on. Ad guys really love to feel they are doing important work, even when they are talking about a product like baseball caps. Let's ignore amusing contradictions like branding hats for America's most antiquated past time with the name New Era, and focus on what they had to say about Nina Agbdal. "We're thrilled to have her as our first female ambassador." Ambassador... really? Does describing her as hat model make the whole endeavor seem as trite as it actualy is?

Aggrandizing aside, New Balance isn't letting this significant hottie go to waste, staging an eye catching photo shoot with their sexy ambassador of ball caps in a variety of hot, albeit, somewhat conservative outfits; this is a lady we're all used to seeing a lot more of after all. Some constructive criticism: At first glance, I honestly had no idea this shoot was promoting hats. The problem is your eye instantly goes to her awesome legs or flat tummy; the top of her head hardly factoring into it. Maybe try a shot of her wearing a hat on her ass. Trust me, as a proliferator of sexy photos and ambassador to the Movie Hottie's section of the Joblo movie network, I known what I'm talking about.

Source: Got Celeb


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