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Nina Agdal is eager to please in her latest Sports Illustrated spread

08.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Well… Nina Agdal and Sports Illustrated just kicked off their Summer of Swim campaign. And while I don't see much swimming going on in this epic spread, the question of why Leonardo DiCaprio bumped this bikini babe to the top of his 'to do list' is no longer left to the ambiguous. I mean, talk about a home run; this is an all-encompassing, crowd-pleasing photo shoot. One that renders Nina's sex appeal beyond reproach (I've heard many opinionated folks out there try to take her down a peg. These should make that task infinitely more difficult). I'll forgo offering any long-winded opinion as I'm sure a broad, positive, consensus will form. Like any great work of art, Nina's form is best experienced for yourself, not through someone else's -- possibly skewed -- critique


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