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Nina Agdal is a picture of health

02.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

After a day-to day-workout routine consisting of a bunch of Y7 yoga, something called Tone House, boxing, and SoulCycle, it's a wonder how Nina Agdal has time for anything else. I'm all for making reasonable commitments to a healthy lifestyle but this kind of determination is bordering on obsession. That same steadfast devotion to keeping your body fit is also what lands her on the cover of Health Magazine, and comfortable enough to do some implied nudity for the shoot. Yes, this Danish delight took a covered topless shot next to the Venus de Milo and I gotta say, if the famous statue really does represent Aphrodite, Nina Agdal's proportions look better than those of the famous Greek goddess. Funny how such a physically fit specimen like Ms. Agdal got her start promoting a high-calorie, greasy, Carl's Jr. diet. Yup, in case you didn't know, Nina Agdal rose in popularity thanks to being, what we now know is, a hypocritical burger babe. I doubt she was fooling anyone into thinking she really eats that kind of stuff anyway.

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