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Nina Agdal in the buff is all you need for a great photospread

05.01.2015by: Droz

Here's a nice little demonstration of why Nina Agdal is such a well covered topic around here. Normally when we post something featuring this delicious Danish, she's wearing some kind of bikini or swimsuit. Those are nice enough, but as is always the case, it's far better to get the complete Agdal experience, unhindered by anything more than a few strategically placed fingertips. Nina is one of those enlightened hotties who understands what she's been granted by nature and isn't the least bit afraid or ashamed to show it off. When you're rocking a bod like that, there really isn't any point in being bashful. Bodies like this are one of those things that fade fast, sort of like cut flowers. Better to get as much of it into the public record as possible while you have it. That way, when Nina is old and wrinkled, she can activate her neural interface and mentally Google 4D pics of her perky tits and sweet little ass when they were at their very best.

Click on each pic to see its full and uncensored version.

Source: Egostastic


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