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Nina Agdal in racy garb for Harper's Bazaar Icons Event

09.18.2015by: No Cool Handle

Many mega-hotties turned out for Harper's Bazaar Icons Event in New York decked out in howl inducing duds. Among them was the illustrious Nina Agdal in a brazen mix of fashion and flesh; sporting a range of attire that seems to be pieced together from several different fantasies of mine. Starting from the bottom up: a pair of thigh high, black suede f*#k me boots. In the pelvis region: a black miniskirt. Absolutely nothing at all for the midsection, and a lacy brassiere just so something is left to the imagination. To cap off this glorious ensemble, something that looks like a mix between a jacket and a robe...could be either. This is a methodical approach to fashion if I've ever seen one. The lady certainly has maintaining my interest down to a science. We've all seen her nude, in scantily clad lingerie, bikinis and gym wear in countless periodicals and intrusive candids. Yet she keeps coming up with new and innovative ways to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy salivary glands. 

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